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Lost three starters from last year in seniors Katie Brislin and Jillian Fanning and Mary Barger, whose family relocated, so the challenge from the summer was to rebuild the team from the ground up, said Aris. Not just the physical training, but the psyche as well. WE have three girls in Annika, Alana and Jenna, who all have the experience and leadership to help the rest of the team at Nationals.

You’re used to working with a guy very closely, every day, for preparation, and he’s helped me develop in so many ways as a quarterback. So yeah, there an adjustment, for sure. But hey, I’ m not going to give us an excuse.. That’s the whole foundation of consolidated’s stupid don’t do it banana shoes. There’s obviously a case against them in terms of dwarfing core skate brands and pushing them out of the market, which is totally fair to dislike them or converse or adidas or any other large brand that decides to start making skate shit (you should check out Colin Reads feature on the 500 Fahrenheit podcast, I think you’d agree with some of his thoughts on skating in it). That being said, it’s not that big a deal imo, you’re still going to have the good brands stick around (excluding Ipath, I’m still bummed they’re gone).

Julie Israel says there are a lack of treatment options inWestern New York. She says there aren enough beds at long term facilities and a lack of follow ups at outpatient treatment program. So she and her husband Avi Israel, created their own program.

But most of what’s out on the Web is pretty anti Tiger. And you have to admit, anything he said would’ve drawn scrutiny and criticism. So what did we learn? We still don’t know when Tiger will come back, which is all 90% of the public cared about going into this thing.

Final cuts won’t happen for another week after that. Salisbury may be pushing the envelope on the early side. But, my understanding is that most NE West schools won’t be holding legit practices for at least 2 more weeks, well into March.. (LowD09) 1. Can’t say I loved their new uniforms, but this does prove that clothes do not make the laxer. (Lucky Laxer) Watching Maryland and Taylor Cummings completely dismantle Northwestern was a thing of beauty .

Time is also ticking toward the Saratoga County Amateur. The 36 hole medal play tournament will be played Friday, June 17 at Eagle Crest Golf Course and Saturday, June 18 at Ballston Spa CC. It open to all Saratoga County residents with Open and Senior (age 50 plus) divisions.

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