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By the 1960s, before he founded the Patagonia sportswear company, Yvon Chouinard had already become an influential rock climber. Back then, the ropes used in rock climbing were often held up by pitons, metal spikes that were hammered into cracks. As described in a 1976 patent (3,948,485), Chouinard and his climbing partner, Tom Frost, realized that these spikes were damaging the natural features of the rock.

By the mid 1980s, the running boom was giving way to a fitness craze and Phil Knight, founder of Nike, wanted his company to take part. Knight didn’t much believe in advertising, but competition with Reebok was fierce, and he had begun to work with a small shop in Portland, Ore., called Wieden Kennedy. Dan Wieden, Portland native and second generation ad man, proved an essential asset..

But we can do something about it, Friend. McDonald’s has recently lost its golden varnish because of nationwide strikes, new reports exposing its predatory food marketing and a torrent of bad publicity. It’s up to us to convince LeBron James he doesn’t need to tarnish his name and his hard work by partnering with McDonald’s.”.

You hire expensive, highly trained MBAs to professionally manage your company’s financial assets; why would you not hire elite programmers to manage its information assets? The importance of husbanding knowledge assets to gain competitive advantage is only going to increase; treat it as mere data processing and your competitors will eat you alive. Yes, it’s harder to find a good Haskell programmer than it is to find 100 mediocre PHP hackers, but aside from being more productive, the Haskell programmer comes with a disciplined, highly sophisticated way of thinking about information structures and algorithms. This makes it much more likely that your Haskell staff will do a much better job of figuring out how to turn your raw data into real capital that returns value.

Before you run to your local mall to grab one of the most important fall accessories, here are some simple tips to make sure your looking your best and those tights aren t a bust. Make sure you pay attention to the size charts on the back of the packages. Just like jeans, sizes among different companies can vary, so you might not always be the same size.

“We were like one of the most constipated offenses on earth,” Leach said. “We played timid and cautious, I thought we were soft up front on the offensive line. I didn’t think (running) backs hit the holes very hard. I teach academic writing, from close textual analysis to research driven essays. I try to devise fun and creative exercises, like asking students to make hashtags for essays, or passages within essays, as a way of synthesizing ideas. The first reading I assigned this term was an essay titled “Pottermania: Good Clean Fun or Cultural Hegemony?” which takes a look at corporate efforts to commodify childhood.

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