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For John Rhoads, a homeowner in Sparks, Nev., a clubhouse fire at his local course, D’Andrea Golf Club, was both insult and injury. In 2012, its owner had asked members of the local homeowner association to pay an additional $28 a month for course upkeep, Rhoads said. The homeowners demurred, the course was shuttered, and the clubhouse became a magnet for vandals, who posted graffiti on its stucco walls and eventually burned it down.

If you got an iPhone, you can pretty much assume that any major app that wouldn be nixed by Apple App Store policies will be available to you, and that you get future updates at least as early as anyone else. If you got an Android phone, you get most major apps. But there are exceptions.

The thieves and the cops agree on this: the chances of going to jail for stealing a car are still very, very small. Federal laws apply only to the most violent crimes by hardened career criminals and local rules are deficient. Under California law, for example, first offenders typically receive probation; second offenders often get as little as 16 months and serve just half of that.

When a hurricane hits the East Coast, there no stopping it. When Santa Ana winds come in, there no stopping them. Fire 50 miles north of San Diego ignited for unknown reasons and destroyed at least 85 structures as it burned 6 square miles.. Should you invest in a mutual fund (MF) scheme or buy direct stocks on your own? The answer to this important question depends on your risk appetite, which means how much risk you are able to take for getting a higher return form your investments. People assume that investment via MFs is always a safer and much better option than buying stocks. To a large extent, this is true and applicable to the investors not having enough time and expertise in managing their money.

“Before [Old Spice] discovered its purpose,” Mr. Stengel said in his Cincinnati talk, “we were, frankly, chasing Axe. It can be a very sexy brand, a very provocative brand, and Old Spice was kind of trying to mimic that.”Mr. Stengel helped engineer a switch from longtime Old Spice agency Saatchi Saatchi to independent Wieden Kennedy in 2006, after which the brand stepped back and “got very introspective,” he said.Rather than trying to run away from its grandfatherliness, Old Spice instead embraced a big brother persona and a purpose as Mr. Stengel described it as “helping guys navigate the seas of manhood” by offering experience.A manifesto from Old Spice’s brand team goes: “I didn’t have an older brother to steer me down the aisle to the Old Spice shelf.

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