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Maybe not the blue ones, but I think they gray ones are really nice. It’s fun not knowing what your team will look like. It’s appealing to a younger generation. On the downside, however, there was a tiresome glut of football related adverts during the World Cup, most of which had some variation on people kicking things around outlandishly. In one awful case they were kicking an empty tube of crisps. And noticeable (but also pretty awful) was that Nike poster of Wayne Rooney, arms outstretched like Jesus, with a St George’s Cross painted on his torso..

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The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office says Dante Tyrell Ford, who has two felony firearms related convictions since 2015 and was on probation, committed at least two recent robberies targeting the popular shoes that can sell for hundreds of dollars used. Tuesday, prosecutors say.Harris Thomas and a 24 year old friend from Eastpointe met Ford to conduct the sale on Detroit’s east side. Ford entered the rear of the SUV driven by Harris Thomas and they drove a couple blocks before Ford pulled out a gun, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.The 24 year old friend also pulled out a gun and began wrestling with Ford.”Ford fired a shot injuring the 24 year old in the arm,” the prosecutor’s office says.

In 2000, he became the first park rider to land a double backflip in competition, and has topped almost every major podium at least once. Initially competing in both the vert and park disciplines of the Dew Tour, Mirra finished fifth in the vert year end standings on the 2005 Dew Tour, but was unable to finish out the ’06 season after he lacerated his liver at the second stop of the Tour and he has not competed in vert since. His consistency in 2009 resulted in his best park finish on the Dew Tour circuit, taking second place overall after opening the Tour with a first place finish at the Nike 6.0 BMX Open..

July 6: The Town of Otis celebrated America’s Independence with a day packed with fun for all who attended. This year, when Akron School District’s Business Manager, Kim Krause, prepared the budget, she also prepared a guide to understanding the budget. “Time flies!” What an apt saying.

Getting prime shelf space with a major retailer wasn just luck for Zorovich and his partner Yos Kumthaminij. The pair of industrial designers brought with them nearly 20 years of combined product development experience. They started their first multidisciplinary design company, Propeller in 2002.

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