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Lizzo is starting to blow up just like her Minnesota fans thought she might when the Houston bred rapper and singer started making a buzz here in her adopted hometown a half decade ago. On her first two solo albums, 2013’s Lizzobangers and 2015’s Big Grrrl Small World, the rapper and singer established herself as a malleable post Missy Elliott type, kinetically blending pop, rap, and electronic styles. That winning streak generated some nationwide recognition, and Lizzo eventually signed to Atlantic Records.

“The event was about capturing the spirit of ’77, when things were a bit irreverent and had a certain passion,” says Nike’s KeJuan Wilkins. “With something like this, it can touch a lot of consumers whether those that were around 30 years ago that get excited because of a certain nostalgia they feel for the shoe and then you have the kids now that just love the look of the shoe. It’s got a classic look that speaks to a lot of people.” Curating the exhibit for Nike was Aaron Rose, founder of New York’s Alleged Gallery in the 1990s and curator of the traveling contemporary art and street culture exhibit “Beautiful Losers.” Rose asked artists Scott Campbell, Tracy Nakayama and Andrew Jeffrey Wright to create a series of posters to fit the 70s mood of “RE RUN.”.

Following the split Trudy went to work for a stock brokerage firm in Los Angeles as a receptionist with an ambition to learn the business. In the decade of the 1970s, Trudy started investing in the stock market and in real estate, buying and selling homes in the Los Angeles area. She also co owned a social club for professional single people and became well known for social event management.

The breadth of Jordan’s career occasionally threatens to overwhelm Santiago. His five “interludes” offer little insight into the subject, and he needlessly interrupts the climactic scene to summarize the lives of several characters who appear briefly in the book. Significant highlights the 1984 Olympics, his endorsement deal with Nike are not addressed..

China Just Adds More Zeros with Tiger Woods in the news this week, the big news in China, while I was in Shanghai hosting a one day Rockefeller Habits workshop yesterday, was the arrest of a business manager who cheated on his wife with over 500 women. She found his electronic diary on his computer where documented each tryst and stated his goal to have sex with 800 women (8 is a lucky number). He was actually arrested because he documented that many of the women were paid using bribes he had received! The Chinese press went wild over the story..

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