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File photo / Associated PressA customer shops browses golf apparel at a Nike store next to a video display of golfer Tiger Woods, in New York before Christmas. As traders watched Woods televised remarks about his recent affairs. Stock in Nike Inc., was down about 19 cents as he spoke, then regained some ground.

You do recall the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, don’t you? Berkshire Hathaway is Warren Buffett’s baby. He’s also a trustee of the Gates Foundation. Is that incestuous enough?. FireSmart programs can make these communities more resilient to fire. Firefighters can be given more sophisticated tools to fight fire. There an awful lot that can be done to prevent Slave Lake and Fort McMurray like fire events from recurring.

Although Stephen Colbert will get to be himself when he takes over for David Letterman at the end of the year, for close to a decade he has made a career portraying someone else: a man who looks just like Stephen Colbert and shares his name, but who is not the “real” Stephen Colbert. With a fairly progressive ideology, Colbert routinely deconstructs and parodies conservative talking points while pretending to fully embrace them. Everyone with even a passing knowledge of his show understands that his words cannot be taken literally.

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head, cell phone will soon be going dead! Must try telepathy with sis Montel’s not on in California for another two hours. Over here, under the freeway, in a swamp. Concentrate. For the next couple of days, as Saturn looms ever larger, Cassini expects to take a last look around the Saturn system, snapping a few final images of the planet, features in its rings, and the moons Enceladus and Titan. The final set of views from Cassini’s imaging cameras is scheduled to be taken and transmitted to Earth on Thursday, Sept. 14.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, at 23 years of age, is already the most productive player from Greece in NBA history. Geoff Burke/USA TODAYJames Pristouris has been bringing groups of Greeks to see NBA basketball for almost 15 years. He is the one who organized the large group that the Seremetis family was part of.

I didn’t get to see a lot of Sean’s play, but I did see Tevin, and he played really well. He was even lined up on me for a passing drill, and when the ball was thrown he knocked it down. He didn’t say anything about it afterward, but he did give me “that look.” It’s good going to these camps with my teammates.

Wearing all of the trackers at once, the participants completed 20 minutes of a sedentary activity such as reading or watching a movie, followed by 25 minutes of aerobic exercise on the treadmill and 25 minutes of resistance exercise. The consumer fitness trackers estimates ranged from 275 calories to 396 calories. The two research monitors had the most accurate calorie estimates overall, but the Fitbit Flex, the Jawbone UP 24, and the Nike FuelBand SE provided what the researchers called “reasonably accurate” overall estimates..

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