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Columbia University’s Board of Trustees announced that, following the succession plan announced last December, attorney Jonathan D. Schiller (CC’69, L’73) has become Chair of the Board, succeeding William V. Campbell (CC’62, MS’64), with whom he served as co chair for the past six months.

But the mass of other stars near the galaxy’s centre creates a different type of precession which is hard to separate from precession caused by General Relativity. By studying the orbits of S0 02 and S0 102 together, the Galactic Center Group will be able to distinguish between the two precessions. And according to Ghez, “It is conceivable that we will be able to observe deviations from Einstein’s theory in regions where S0 102 and other short period stars reside.”.

Don know that there concern, we just being careful, Shingara said. Make a long story short, if we graded the site or modified the site and anything came across, we could be held liable. Little has happened since the last assessment, in June 2003, when the Corps said no additional remedial action was required..

He aims to look at the impact of the internet and digital technology on our lives and businesses. Rory has been described as “the non geek’s geek”, and freely admits that he came late to technology but he aims to explain its significance to anyone with an interest in the subject. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Amazing, Howard said. One of the reasons why we played basketball. He inspired us to do great things. He went on to become the first choice photographer for The Source, for which he portrayed Dr. Dre bursting through flames and Queen Latifah exhaling a viper’s tongue of cigar smoke. Several of his cover photos were featured in the 2002 coffee table book “Hip Hop Immortals Volume One” and were part of a global traveling exhibit..

Duke taught me a lot about leadership. The learning didn’t stop after graduation. While building the website, I came across this quote from Coach K: “Usually when you’re ruled, you never agree with all the rules, you just abide by them. 1 software seller into a world brand. Microsoft management recommended Wieden to Chairman Bill Gates, and sources said the agency was hired immediately after it made its final presentation June 23. A Microsoft spokeswoman said Wieden “showed the deepest grasp of our business, reflected through compelling creative work,” and had an “attitude” and “cultural fit” that meshed with Microsoft..

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