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The early feedback: It simplifies approach shots on which players can’t decide between a sand wedge or 7 iron.Bamberger, a 12 handicapper who lives near Philadelphia, got the idea for the club while working as a caddie in Europe for a book he wrote in the early ’90s. He saw Glen Day, then on the European Tour, use a 3 wood to chip from several distances.When Woods started doing it years later, Bamberger decided “there must be something to this.”Since the length of a 3 wood makes it awkward for the average player, Bamberger went shorter with a putter shaft. It worked not only for chips but for “Texas wedge” shots out of bunkers and fairway traps.”I knew I had a good club,” Bamberger said.

There is no dialogue in the film, only Colin Farrell rich narration that channels the tradition of the great bards who once roamed the Celtic territories and spread the word of the tribal warriors deeds of bravery. The 42 minute film, divided into seven chapters, features state of the art CGI, breathtaking period costumes, and eye popping, fantastical beasts plucked from mythology, and was filmed on location against the backdrop of rugged, breathtaking Celtic lands.”The passion and craftsmanship that go into every Cambria designare inspired by the breathtaking, legendary landscapes of Wales and the entire Celtic region,” states Marty Davis, president and CEO of Cambria. “There is a history behind every design we create, and through the film we bring that all to life in doing so, we share the Cambria story.”The film was created, filmed, and produced in partnership with the Minneapolis based space150.”Storytelling is an incredible asset in connecting the consumer with a luxury brand, and Cambria has taken this to a new level of entertainment,” says Billy Jurewicz, CEO and founder of space150 and the creative director of of Cambria.

Linwood S. Costello, Sr., 86, of Milford, beloved husband for 63 years to the late June Elaine Beckwith Costello, passed away peacefully on May 1, 2017. Born in Hampton, VA on July 6, 1930, he was the son of the late John J. “This is Zlatan,” Cantona proclaims, showing a video of him to Ronaldo. “Can you beat this?” Ronaldo scowls confidently. “En garde.” A freestyling duel between the pair begins.

He looked a little hunched over, a little beaten down, and partly I think that was a reflection of how he’s feeling about what he’s done and what he’s facing. He didn’t have much of an expression on his face, and he’s not a very good public speaker. His delivery was weak, he was stiff, and there were several fumbles.

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