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Photos of a man in clown makeup in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in August turned out to be part of a viral marketing campaign for a short film.Whether the most recent incidents are harmless pranks, crass publicity stunts or the work of “juggalos” who worship the band Insane Clown Posse, the sightings are bad news for working clowns who get paid to make people smile.They already had to contend with negative associations: amateur clown and serial killer John Wayne Gacy or Hollywood villains like Pennywise from the Stephen King miniseries “IT.”A 2014 poll by Rasmussen Reports found that 43 percent of Americans don’t like circus clowns, and millions of Americans may actually suffer when they see one a condition unofficially labeled coulrophobia.”Professional clowns, either with a circus or a hometown clown who does birthday parties, try hard to protect their image as being family friendly,” said Mike Becvar, who works as Sir Toony Van Dukes in Northern Virginia.”Putting on a mask and Halloween costume from the local party supply store doesn’t make someone a clown,” he said. “Just like wearing hospital scrubs, a lab coat, and a stethoscope around their neck doesn’t make someone a doctor.”Some professional clowns believe fans inspired by the new Rob Zombie killer clown movie “31” or paying homage to a reboot of “IT” may be behind the sightings. Others suspect a hoax, finding it strange that in the age of cellphones there isn’t photographic proof.Barbara Jean Emery of Rock Hill, South Carolina, who retired as Pickles Da Clown in July after 40 years in children’s entertainment, wonders if it could be a misguided effort to drum up interest in a Halloween haunt one that could backfire if a spooked citizen decides to go clown hunting.”It’s bad enough that movies depict clowns as evil,” she said.

Severna Park scored 141 points to edge Washington County Ridge (Tenn.) who scored 158 and Lake Braddock (Va.) with 159. The Falcons placed all five scoring runners in the top 50 with runner of the year Kevin Hines leading the way at 23rd, followed by Clay Whitney (30th), Andrew Forsyth (34th), Josh Tucker (43rd) and Jacob Derlink (47th). Broadneck’s Ben Eckley finished in 116th place and Michael Weber finished in 166th place..

Saturday night in Brixton. Clad much as their parents had been 40 years ago, in trilbies and porkpie hats and woollies and floral dresses, a small knot of what Pires calls “old West Indians” cluster beneath the TV. The premises are otherwise devoid of black faces and the choice of music Motorhead followed by I Shot the Sheriff, Eric Clapton’s version at that accentuates the sense of a world far removed from that experienced in south London by Anglo Caribbeans in the early 1960s, the same cricket besotted folk captured so perceptively in the film Wondrous Oblivion, doing brisk business that weekend at the capital’s Odeons and UGCs.

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