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They were handled by the only other “elite” team they played all year in McDonough. Landon’s schedule was certainly much tougher than Bullis’, but Playing the NE homer card here I’m seeing the Wick game being much closer if it wasn’t ‘Wicks first game and Landon’s Fourth. Sticking to the point both Teams are deserving and both teams play equally tough schedules..

February 20, 2005 Hospital: Holy Cross Date of birth: Nov. 24, 2004 Parents: Brandi Burns and Alejandro Rodriguez of Coconut Creek Grandparents: Carrie and Brian Burns of Valrico; Ovel Rodriguez of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Rafaela Cruz of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Great grandparents: Martha and David Burns of Kankakee, Ill.; Sherry Brinkman of Kankakee, Ill.; Jane and Maurice Brinkman of Maricopa, Ariz.; Manuel Cruz of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Interesting fact: Born the day before ThanksgivingARTICLES BY DATEShow pays tribute to character actorsBy Marvin Glassman, Special to the Journal, August 9, 2013Actor Jim Brochu pays tribute to the many supporting actors on Broadway, most of them Jewish, who helped his career in his one man show “Character Man” running now through Aug. 11 at Broward Stage Door Theatre in Coral Springs.

Not only are Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator MMA holding events on the same night for the first time, they’re doing it within a 20 minute drive of each other. The No. 1 and No. Then tragedy struck he was involved in a major automobile accident, breaking his back and paralyzing him from the waist down. That was the end of his football career. Still, he enjoyed football vicariously he went to many games and watched all the games he could on TV.

Boys’ Latin long stick midfielder defenseman Myles Cohen has committed to Furman. A participant in the Maryland Freestate Top 22 Games, Cohen was an All Star at the Delaware MVP tournament playing with Zingos; he also attended the NHSLS with Boys’ Latin. Cohen, who played varsity for the Lakers as a sophomore, also considered Robert Morris, Mercer, North Carolina and Ohio State..

Beak trimming, toe trimming, de snooding: these are a few of the painful practices turkeys may have to endure on Canadian farms. Beak trimming, toe trimming and de snooding (removal of the fleshy bit covering a turkey beak) are performed on turkeys to minimize aggression resulting from being overcrowded in a barren barn. These practices are done without pain medication or veterinary supervision, and can cause lasting pain and distress to turkeys..

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