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If you like raw power, you’ll enjoy the Florida district qualifier for the Re/Max North American Long Drive Championship. In the open division, 39 players will vie for the honor as Florida’s long drive champ. In the senior division, 21 will vie. “Amazon received the money I was scammed for either way.”In essence, with the gift cards being used as payment, Amazon has unwittingly become a middleman for fraud, and it’s profiting as more gift cards are purchased.And, Gladis said, the phony seller continued to post items on Amazon even after he reported the scam.”That’s absolutely unforgivable,” Gladis said.He asked Amazon to share information on the fake seller, such as the seller’s IP address, but Amazon wouldn’t give Gladis any information.Gladis isn’t the only one reporting this kind of scam and the lack of action by Amazon.Kevin Donaldson of Tempe, Arizona, decided to buy a refurbished computer from a third party seller on Amazon.On Nov. 3, he found one for $441. Next to the shipping information, the listing said buyers should email the seller before placing an order, and it gave an email address.Donaldson said he figured the email request was to confirm the item was in stock.

Kevin, Sri LankaI thought Hasan Sas was the player of the tournament creative, energetic and skilful he was the lynchpin of an excellent Turkish sideUndoubtedly a deserved award. He not only produced a number of match saving/winning performances, but he also captained (let’s be honest here) an average team to a world cup final. I think the fact that they did so well is in a large part down to the bloody mindedness which he imparted into the side that and the easiest draw you could possibly have dreamed of.Ed,Germany UK expatDo you think Kahns winning could be anything to do with the prize being sponsored by adidas the brand he wears and not given to Ronaldo who wears their rival companies product, Nike?David Bull, England One Brazilian who doesn’t get a mention yet had an outstanding tournament was Cafu.

Candidates must have strong understanding of observatory operations in all aspects: instrumentation, data collection and analysis, PI needs and support. Must be familiar with observatory systems and instruments, including computer systems, software tools, communication systems. Must possess leadership, organizational and communication skills and be able to manage a multidisciplinary group.

Days even the average ball player is paid like the Chief Operating Officer of a Fortune 500 company and teams require a payroll of at least $70 million to make it into the postseason. In the absence of a huge television contract, like the Yankees enjoy, or having an owner with the media moxy of a Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch, teams like the Montreal Expos and Toronto Blue Jays must rely on fan support to fund player salaries and operating costs. Markets..

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