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We reported on The Gradebook that nearly 9,000 students registered for the program, but about 6,600 showed up when it started last week. Absences ran about 22 percent at the elementary level and about 36 percent at the middle school level. District officials said it was hard to predict how many students would actually turn out because it’s the first year of the program..

There was the feeling of an approaching squall as Bum Bright took over as owner after having bought Clint Murchison’s principal majority share for $65 million. On the practice field, there was turmoil. A quarterback controversy carried over from the season before and reached a boiling point as Gary Hogeboom arrived at camp ready to challenge incumbent Danny White, whose hold on the job was even more tenuous now.

Though many people argue that credit scores have nothing to do with their capabilities on the job, some employers say differently. Sixty percent of employers recently surveyed by the Society of Human Resource Management said they run credit checks on all or some potential new hires. That’s up from 43 percent in 2006 and 25 percent in 1998..

For all the scams, creative awards are worshipped by ad agencies for two reasons. First, agency bosses insist that despite the feigned indifference, marketers are secretly impressed by awards, which improve the prospects of an agency winning business. Second, awards on the shelf are great for agency morale.

These starred items are presented as a list of entries with feed URL, tags, published and updated periods included. Google Reader treats starred items as a special type of tag. Moreover, if you use the tagging/labeling feature of Google Reader, you can share them..

“I think the reason he (withdrew) at San Diego (in February) is there was no back problem, he was embarrassed to be out there,” DiMarco said. “He wasn’t doing anything good, and I think there was something wrong and he couldn’t take care of it. I think if he’s playing, then I do agree that he thinks he’s fixed it..

I know Porter may not have the upside of other prospects in the draft, but he can help Cleveland win immediately. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert said he expects his team to make the playoffs next season, and Porter can help the young Cavaliers do just that. This is a weak draft, so making a safe pick is smart..

On Wednesday October 5th, they tried again. “It pretty brazen to do it in daylight on a busy road like that,” said Officer Nathan Hartwig of the Chattanooga Police force.”After three times,” explained Officer Hartwig, “I think he finally just had enough and decided to put the surveillance cameras up. And thankfully he did, because we caught these two guys stealing his property and, hopefully, we can found out who they are.” The thugs are seen clearly surveillance video.

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