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(valaxfan) 13. I know I had them ranked too high. Yet, they did show resolve vs. That had to stop, Chief Financial Officer Stuart Haselden said.Naked PantsNow the focus is on innovation, Potdevin said. Whitespace, the company research and development center, has tested apparel in extreme environments in Alaska and has a lab on the Vancouver campus that can replicate different climates. The company invested in a team of 35 people who work as long as five years on new designs and measuring factors such as sweat and laundering.Whitespace helped conceive the new pants whose buttery soft fabric mimics the feeling of being naked.

AUSTIN, Texas Never one to back away from a fight, Lance Armstrong is finally giving in, and the cost of quitting is steep: His seven Tour de France titles could be gone as soon as Friday, August 24. Anti Doping Agency. That was his last option in his bitter fight with USADA and his decision set the stage for the titles to be stripped and his name to be all but wiped from the record books of the sport he once ruled..

SPRING FOCUS: Offensively, there won’t be a change with the playbook under new coordinator Evan Davis, but there will be a slight change in philosophy. “We want to get back to being a very physical running team that throws the ball at will,” Callahan said. With the returning talent at the skill positions, there seems to be enough in place for the Hawks to move the ball in a variety of ways.

England on edge over sporting hero’s foot injuryRooney is English football’s wonder kid. Dubbed England’s Pele by some, the 20 year old striker has carried the country’s hopes of glory at next month’s World Cup.Now that he’s broken his foot, though, he’s thrown a whole nation into collective depression.And there were plenty of people hanging on his every word when he spoke today about the potentially dream destroying injury.This report from our Europe Correspondent Rafael Epstein.SPORTS COMMENTATOR: Great challenge, but Rooney picks up the pieces and keeps running! It’s Rooney for Manchester United! You would have put your house on him scoring. You’d have lost it.RAFAEL EPSTEIN: If you don’t know who Wayne Rooney is you’re one of an ever shrinking group of people.With one sixth of the world’s population estimated to watch English football each week, he is the new David Beckham, the bright and shining English hope, a ticket to World Cup glory that the footballing gods have just handed a bitter blow.SPORTS COMMENTATOR 1: Rooney goes down clutching his ankle.

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