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Hunt led the team with 20 points, eight rebounds and six assists. Glosson added 16 points, one block, five rebounds, one assist and one steal. Nation had 10 points, four rebounds and one steal. Though it one of the Apple Watch default apps, it still one of its best. Once you get over the geekiness of paying for stuff with a wave of your watch, you realize Apple Pay is a fantastically convenient way to shop. Simply double clicking the Apple Watch side button brings your registered cards to the forefront no need to reach for your phone or wallet to get checked out.

The only time I brought it out was when the NFL Network wanted us to wear it.”We were at the Super Bowl, and I thought I handed it to someone, and he said I didn’t. I checked my luggage to see if it was in a side pocket. I checked my suit to see if I put it somewhere.

The find has evolved into one of the frustrating cold cases for the New Jersey State Police. But while they have not been able to come up with a name of the lost girl they identify as “Baby Bones,” they have tried to come up with a face. Information from the skull remains was used to recreate a bust in 2009 as part of a report for television “America Most Wanted” program..

Groce built his resume as Thad Matta key assistant at Ohio State, then took Ohio to the NCAA Tournament twice in three years and reached the Sweet 16 last March.Rick Ray, Mississippi State. After 14 seasons, Rick Stansbury retired as Bulldogs coach, a curious move for a 52 year old man but perhaps better than the alternative. His replacement has been an assistant at Purdue and Clemson but never a Division I head coach.James Johnson, Virginia Tech.

So yesterday, when she returned to campus for the first time since she was hospitalized, it was nothing short of moving. DuBose, a Columbia resident and four year star at Oakland Mills High School from 1997 to 2001, watched basketball practice, hung out with her teammates, and attended the Hokies’ homecoming football game against Rutgers, a 35 14 win. Simply put, she got to act like a college student again..

Revolving credit, mostly credit cards, increased by $11.2 billion to $1.023 trillion, the Federal Reserve said Monday. That nudged the figure past the $1.021 trillion highwater mark reached in April 2008, just before the housing and credit bubbles burst. Over the past year, revolving credit has surged by $55.1 billion, or 5.7 percent, according to the Fed and Contingent Macro Research..

The Washington County teams battled it out in league action Friday in Arickaree. Otis got off to a sluggish start, quickly finding themselves in a hole and trailing 4 17. The Lady Bulldogs bounced back to keep it even in the second, yet was still playing from behind as they went into the locker room down 14 27..

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