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During the reception, Greg Falhman, Ernie Seaquist and Laurent Drissen unveiled a polished mirror assembly, one of the 492 segments that will ultimately comprise TMT’s 30 meter primary mirror. When the curtain lifted and the translucent golden hexagonal mirror was revealed, there was a collective gasp from the audience. But after the initial excitement, I am sure the question on everybody mind was: after all this years, and all these efforts, how can we possibly not have yet secured a place in what will surely be one of the most groundbreaking and revolutionary projects ever undertaken?.

The challenge will be fig out a way to do it quickly, says Terry Gettys, who helped lead the project, consumers are going to want their tires [ready to go] in just a few minutes. Michelin estimates that a tire this advanced may still be as far as 20 years away. But some of its features, like airless designs and sensors that flag driv when treads are wearing down, could become mainstream over the next several years.

Just when you thought that the BMX or Chopper couldn’t be cooler, Spokey Dokes took all things two wheeled into the stratosphere of wonderment. These simple round plastic beads snapped onto wheel spokes and, during a slow speed ride, would have time to slide up and down the spoke to make a noise that could take adults back to memories of school 30 years ago. For others, though, they were as visually ugly as they were annoying these brightly coloured menaces were also available with glow in the dark properties..

We work together on assignments for a variety of brands as a hybrid creative director team. Calle comes to our partnership with a background in the digital space and Pelle comes from a more traditional advertising background. This duality of experience and background has allowed us to approach our creative work from an interesting place..

Dirne was a schoolteacher in her early 20s when she lived in Nazi occupied Holland. A member of a lay religious order, she emigrated to Canada, where she taught in a mission, then moved to Coeur d’Alene in the early 1970s when she was hired as the first lay religious education coordinator at St. Pius X Catholic Church..

PGA of America not to leave headquarters, Palm Beach County official says Ron Hurtibise and Shandel RichardsonA report that The PGA of America is “poised” to leave Palm Beach Gardens and build a new home north of Dallas is incorrect, Palm Beach County’s top economic development official said Thursday. Kelly Smallridge, president and CEO of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, said she was. 27, 2018″ > >Fort Lauderdale is No.

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