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Paneled rooms, ballroom, game room, and spacious study rooms once again provided Alpha Delta with one of the finest homes at Case.Considering the many events in the chapter’s growth, the year 1941 probably saw the beginning of conditions that would soon provide Phi Kappa Tau with an outstanding chapter on a national rating.Doctor Leonard O. Olsen, professor at Case, was initiated into Alpha Delta chapter in January, 1941, and served admirably as faculty advisor.The formal Case chapter house dedication ceremonies, held December 12, 1941, were attended by 75 guests consisting of Case faculty, Phi Kappa Tau national officers, and alumni.No sooner had the chapter become established in its new home than a wartime era descended. World War II was going to depend heavily upon the talented engineers of Case.Housemother Mrs.

“As of now I will be in the hospital just for a day or two,” Nikki explained. “But unfortunately I will be at home with a neck brace for three months, no travel. I can barely be in the car because of the spot where my injury is in, my C6 my C7, I have to try as much as I can not to move my neck so it can heal.”.

US Sports Camps announces former UNLV MVP Lori Harrigan Mack and 2008 Softball Player of the Year Crystl Bustos Nike Softball Camp located at Rising Star Sports Ranch in Mesquite, Nevada during the week of August 5 August 8.At Nike Softball Camps, Coaches Harrigan Mack and Bustos emphasize hard work and the importance of being a team player. They provide each camper with new softball skills and the inspiration and self confidence to continue improving after camp. Being coached by former Olympians such as Harrigan Mack and Bustos is a great opportunity to learn what it takes to reach the next level.are thrilled to have Lori and Crystl heading up our camp at the Rising Star Sports Ranch in Mesquite, Nevada this summer.

They go to work to sit in front of a TV and literally count how many instances of product placement there are in various network TV Shows. How much of that could you stand before you were unable to watch TV at home without muttering “Toyota. Ford. “As chair of the Capital Planning Committee, Philip Milstein has provided invaluable leadership in the creation of the new Medical and Graduate Education Building,” said P. Roy Vagelos, MD (P ’54), chair of the CUMC Board of Advisors. Dr.

La nozione di ‘postdemocarzia’ si allarga, al di l dei meccanismi politico elettorali e delle strutture istituzionali, a connotare un processo sociale complessivo, un po’ come avveniva per il termine ‘democrazia’ nella classica visione di Tocqueville. L’analisi teorica si incontra con la discussione della storia recente e dell’attualit politica, a partire da una conoscenza diretta soprattutto della Gran Bretagna del New Labour. Non c’ che sperare che gli spunti analitici e prognostici, cos ricchi in questo breve volume, siano ripresi e sviluppati in un quadro pi articolato, che mantenga la stretta interrelazione fra politologia, teoria sociale, scienza economica, magari ampliando lo sguardo a questioni come l’evoluzione dei media, le trasformazioni del diritto, il nuovo ruolo del fondamentalismo e del conservatorismo religioso e, non ultimo, gli scenari della guerra globale.

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