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The room is also used for team meetings with a giant screen available for video analysis.Then it’s into the plush reception area where there are two striking permanent fixtures.Fittingly, close to the main entrance sits a bronze bust of Shankly with the quote: “Above all, I would like to be remembered as a man who was selfless, who strove and worried so that others could share the glory, and who built up a family of people who could hold their heads up high and say ‘We are Liverpool’.”Gallery: Exclusive Melwood tourExclusive tour inside Liverpool FC’s Melwood training groundIt’s the first thing players and staff see on their arrival each morning closely followed by a gleaming European Cup encased in a glass box to provide inspiration.”It was Rafa Benitez’s idea to put it there,” said Herr. “But that’s just a replica, the real one we got to keep in 2005 is in the museum.”Below the trophy is a quote from the Spaniard: “To me, being part of Europe’s elite is central to this club’s ethos.”Then it’s through the usually locked door and into Melwood’s inner sanctum. First stop is the boot room the traditional black and white footwear of the coaching staff in stark contract to the array of colours favoured by Luis Suarez and co on the opposite rack.This is where players put on their special vests which have a built in GPS system that collects a multitude of statistics on speed, distance, heart rate, accelerations and decelerations.It’s especially useful in pre season but is also used throughout a campaign to tailor training schedules and help identify the risk of injuries.There are three outdoor pitches which are served by 23 miles of undersoil heating.

I don want to read a 40 page e book only to find out that I need to order a bunch of other reports to really understand what you telling me. Cut out the fluff and the historical filler and give me what I ordered!Two pages of specific, focused tips are a lot more helpful than endless ramblings about your own success record. Give me tools, not trite homilies.

We used to be where the Herald building is, but then they said our boats would have to go. So we looked at Snapper Creek, Mart Park, then we ended up on Virginia Key. It stunk sometimes, and there were mosquitoes, snakes, coons, opossums, and iguanas.

Jackie Poulson: ISU assistant coach. A two time All American, Poulson holds the school records in the heptathlon with 5,573 points and 400m hurdles with a time of 59.61. She competed in the ’04 and ’08 Olympic Track Field Trials in the heptathlon and has competed in the Netherlands, Puerto Rico and Italy.

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