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Graham Brown Cancer Center. A $50 donation will allow patrons bragging rights as the first shoppers.”There a lot of guys looking for a good burger to eat,” said Jason Behnke, franchisee for the new Culver family restaurant going up near one of the entrances.Behnke pushing to open by July 14, partly to corral the construction crews as a captive customer base.”Yesterday I was in the road handing out free samples, so everybody seemed to have a positive reaction, ” he said.Those words of mouth, and stomachs, could give Culvers a head start.”Any time you can get 93 retailers opening up in the same day, and a lot of those companies aren here in Kentucky right now, I just want to be a part of it,” Behnke said. “We got a few moving parts including trying to find employees.”The E word.

The team at Gabura Racing Technologies, a motorsports engineering company with expertise in race transmissions and custom builds, has taken BMW plug in hybrid i8 sportscar and turned it into a supercar. The Munich based company (handy, yes?) has removed all vestiges of futuristic hybrid technology from the i8, and rather than plug in a power cord has plugged in a supertuned BMW S63 twin turbo V8 mounted in the front, no less. That engine, the M version of the occasionally maligned and once recalled N63 4.4 litre, already boasts 560 horses, and the boosted Gabura version (apparently pre tweaked by BMW tuner Alpina) is said to add at least 200 more..

Rappelons que SNL Qu a pr six invit soit Normand Brathwaite, Charles Lafortune, Patrick Huard, Guy A. Lepage, V Cloutier et Antoine Bertrand. Viriginie Fortin sera des Cliptoman Musique Plus, Gros titres MAtv et prendra part la deuxi saison de la s Les 5 prochains avec Phil Roy, Pierre Bruno Rivard, Fred Dub et Katherine Levac..

Noted NBC Jimmy Fallon, was kind of how he got into trouble in the first place. Billy Payne, the chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club, blasted Woods on Wednesday for his conduct in recent years. Wait a second: A guy whose club engages in deplorable behaviour by not allowing female members takes a run at another guy for deplorable behaviour? Now on the tee, the Hypocrite foursome..

And our team is sitting around a white board writing down all of the ideas that we had each come up with over the previous 12 hours. It took a few hours of brainstorming before we narrowed the list down and came up with our proposal. Noticing how much time had already passed, we dove head first into our research, each of us focusing on a different area.

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