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“Wow, the soccer students are going to be ecstatic about this,” Planning and Zoning Commission Chair Patricia Gustin said. “We have Nike Park just down the way, but they can’t play there in the wintertime. This is going to be a wonderful asset for the community and I’m glad it’s coming to town.”.

“I always wanted to be here,” Durant said. “My basketball life is short when you look at it in the grand scheme of things. I really want to play as much as I can and try not to worry about my body. Which brings up another question: Can’t Moore find a conservative who’s a good debater? It seems that anytime he actually manages to confront a heavy hitter, said big shot merely walks away or slams the door when confronted with a question he or she doesn’t like (Nike CEO Phil Knight was the rare exception in Moore’s book tour documentary, The Big One). It makes the exchanges all seem one sided, which may be the point, since his movies tend to preach to the converted. Now, if an ideologue from the opposite end of the spectrum, say Bill O’Reilly or someone like that, were to debate Moore on camera, that would be interesting.

Qui aurait cru qu’un jour les mots hockey et style se conjugueraient si harmonieusement? Avec l’arriv d’athl comme Henrik Lundqvist et Sean Avery, l’importance accord la mode s’est soudainement mise grimper travers la ligue. Et, en seulement quelques ann le costume ajust est devenu le mot d’ordre dans la chambre des joueurs. Subban fait partie de ces nouveaux arrivants qui sont aussi l’aise dans une paire de richelieus double boucle que dans des patins.

Washington is one of four states with gay marriage measures on the ballot this November. Washington and Maryland both legalized gay marriage this year, but will also have public referendums this fall. In Maine, voters will decide on an initiative to approve same sex marriage three years after voters overturned a state law.

The band, fronted by Dylan Baldi, has released two well regarded albums and tomorrow, Jan. 24, comes out with a third, “Attack on Memory,” from Carpark Records. Cloud Nothings worked on the album with Steve Albini, who has a recording studio in Chicago and has worked with acts including the Pixies and PJ Harvey.

The team shared one main thing in common: a passion for renewable energy. At the same time, one of the key success factors was how each member’s skills complemented those of the other team members. Everyone came from different backgrounds and worked in different roles in the energy space.

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