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The same high school as NBA star Allen Iverson Coached by Craig Brehon. For the fourth time in a row, SCAD Savannah (Ga.) owns the No. 1 ranking in the NAIA Women’s Golf Coaches’ Top 25 Poll, the national office announced Friday . I was at a fund raiser a couple of weeks ago for a very small grassroots charity and as I walked around the silent auction tables I noticed that fewer people were bidding on items and the bid amounts were smaller than usual. That led me to think about ways that we can continue to contribute to our favorite organizations even if we don have the cash to donate right now. Plus, with spring cleaning right around the corner, it the perfect time to purge through some of our stuff and share with others who need it.

Oklahoma State found out just how good Bona was in the Big Dance. The Bonnies rattled off 16 straight victories this season. It wasn’t an accident. Klee wrestled with them. He not only followed their experiments he mocked them. If Groucho Marx had been a German Swiss artist, his paintings would look like these..

When will the Syracuse roster come out? I’d like to see the Thompson brothers play again. Last year, Team Rochester sported a player from Massachusettes . Tylon Thompson (yes, the same family line) out of Salmon River is on this year’s roster and played a key role last year in Team Rochester garnering the Adidas National Cahmpionship trophy..

So how far will stocks fall? “Don’t try and be cute and pick the bottom,” warned Meyer. “There can be very sharp rallies in bear markets” before they fall again. But “if your favorite stock falls” to where it’s a lot more affordable than you thought last month, “buy a little.” Meanwhile, for Americans who work and aren’t broke, food is cheaper, other jobs are less difficult to find than they were, and lots of information and programming has become more easily available thanks to smartphones and other cool gadgets, he adds..

Tues., Aug 30, at Visitation Catholic Church, 5141 Main St. In lieu of flowers donations may be given to Visitation Church. Gretchen was born Feb. Can you give us any other example?Al Ries: The world largest seller of espresso coffee is Illy. Illy buys coffee from 18 19 countries. But they have one blend.

The push for corporate governance [accountability] since Sarbanes Oxley is a factor that causes some firms to stay away from the public markets, adds Wharton finance professor Itay Goldstein. Need to comply with all these corporate governance requirements. Everyone is looking at your stock price.

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