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Van Gundy praised Ernest Brown for his aggressive play Friday, but the second year center was excused Saturday to attend to a personal matter.”I thought Mike was the best point guard out there during the course of the week,” Van Gundy said. “After a slow start, Malik stepped up against a former lottery pick [Hornets’ Jerome Moiso] and looked to me head and shoulders above everyone else.”Of the free agent group, former Iowa guard Luke Recker capped a solid week with 15 points. However, Recker wanted to explore other options and left the Heat to play with the Magic’s summer team.”I’m a Pat Riley type guy who likes to plays hard, get on the floor and do what it takes to win,” said Recker, who averaged 10.8 points.

Nike, starting right at the top with a beauty like Phil Knight, doesn’t expect you to analyze the commercial message too much. Or the text messages, for that matter. Just the leaderboard. By 2009, Muollo had gained a PhD in organic chemistry, with a green chemistry option that catered to her interest in the environment. Her classes included toxicology, environmental law, and energy and the environment. And even before she graduated, Muollo had found a job at the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry in Wilmington, Massachusetts, which was founded and is helmed by John Warner, one of the pioneers of green chemistry.

Hydra’s plan? Secretly cause global chaos until SHIELD grew paranoid enough to create a system with which they can target anyone in the world with helicarriers and then take over that. Using data mining, Hydra also created a long ass list of potential enemies to eliminate with their new toys, including Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Captain America himself. Damn, these guys make Cobra look like middle school bullies..

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